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Originally designed as a fully automatic submachine gun, the TEC 9 was created by Intratec, the American branch of Swedish Interdynamic AB. Based on the Carl Gustav M/45 the TEC 9 was chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum and designed for military use. After unsuccessfully trying to find a military buyer, Intratec redesigned the TEC 9 from an open-bolt to a closed-bolt system so that it could not be as easily modified to fully automatic and marketed it to US civilian shooters. As a semi-automatic pistol, the TEC 9 was manufactured from 1985 to 1990 and made appearances in movies and TV shows like Miami Vice. Buy TEC-9 FOR SALE at

After being put on California’s list of banned weapons Intratec rebranded the TEC 9 as the TEC-DC9 from 1990 to 1994. Very similar in design, the most noticeable difference was a move of the rings that attached to the carrier sling from the side of the gun to a removable metal clip on the back of the gun. Soon however both the TEC 9 and the TEC-DC9 were banned in the US, forcing Intratec to craft the AB-10, a miniature TEC 9 with a threaded muzzle/barrel shroud and a 10-round magazine rather than a 20 or 30-round magazine. The AB 10 was still compatible with its predecessors’ high capacity rounds, however. Intratec went out of business in 2001, ending production on the AB-10. Order TEC-9 FOR SALE at

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